Questions/Issues Specific to the X156/X133

Published on: 17-Feb 02:51pm

Bill Dai

Published on - 17-Feb 02:51pm

Is this printer suitable for large volume printing of minis?

  • If the minis are fairly small, it's likely not a good printer for that. The size of the screen on both printers has a fairly low resolution compared to our smaller printers and so is meant for printing larger pieces that don't have as much fine detail.

Can I upgrade the X156 to the 13.3" Mono screen the X133 uses?

  • Yes! This is most certainly doable. Please contact our sales team ( to see if we have any of these kits in stock.

Why are high bottom exposure times recommended for the large printers?

  • One of the most difficult parts about the platform is getting it perfectly flat across the whole surface area, and you may have a slight difference. To ensure proper adherence, we recommend a baseline of 75s on the X156, and 30s on the X133. This is also important for prints taking up a large surface area and can be heavy, so adherence to the platform is very important. We've even taken the step to use a high quality 15.6" color screen that handles UV light much better than color screens on smaller printers, so it'll be able to last a long time even with the bottom layers.



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