Questions/Issues Specific to X10/E10

Published on: 17-Feb 12:07pm

Bill Dai

Published on - 17-Feb 12:07pm

How do I upgrade from the X10 10.1" color to the 8.9" mono screen?

  • All you need for this upgrade is the upgrade kit you can purchase on our website. We have a written up guide for the installation on our Blog under the support tab on our website. 

Does the X10 support the 5K mono screen?

  • Yes! Both the X10 and E10 support the 5K mono screens, and the upgrade if you are going that route. It just requires the mainboard and the screen and is a very similar installation to the X10 8.9" upgrade kit.

Why is there nearly a $1000 difference between the X10 and E10?

  • The E10 uses parts that are cheaper to manufacture, and goes away from the full metal design. The molded parts of the E10 are made from a high durable composite plastic that's been reinforced with fiberglass and uses a mold to obtain the shape. The X10's chassis and parts have to be machined and are much heavier than the E10, so the costs of material, labor, and shipping go up quite a bit in comparison to the E10's manufacturing.

Grinding noise occurring when my platform lowers into the vat.

  • Make sure the vat is in the right way. The front of the vat is the side with the slots. 


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