Common Printer Questions

Published on: 16-Feb 04:07pm

Bill Dai

Published on - 16-Feb 04:07pm

Can you ship internationally?

  • We do not do international shipping from our own website. We do have some products on Amazon that you may take a look at, but for every other case please look towards your nearest distributor to order our products.

What does a printer come with?

  • Each printer ships with an 16G USB drive, a hex key, a plastic scraping tool, a metal scraping tool, power adapter and an extra piece of film.

Printer does not Home and instead the platform moves up

  • This is likely be the result of a problem with the optical switch and it likely needs to be replaced. After replacing the optical switch, the build platform will need to be re-leveled and then it will Home properly. Contact support through the ticket form and provide a video

I see there is a Wi-Fi option on the printer. Does this printer have WiFi capability?

  • Our printers do not currently have Wi-Fi capabilities. Maybe in the future, but it's up to ChiTu to design a mainboard that can received sliced files over Wi-Fi.

Is it possible to upgrade my printer to the latest technology?

  • Yes! All of our printers (with the exception of the E6 for now) can be upgraded to fit the latest tech when it releases. Upgrade kits will be made available on our website for this purpose.

 Why does my printer turn off then back on when I go to start a print?

  • Unfortunately this means the power supply is failing and a replacement will need to be obtained. Occurs when the power supply can no longer output enough power to keep the LEDs on.

How do I relevel the build platform?

  • Please refer to our video page on our website. We have several instructional videos that will help you with proper maintenance or upgrade.

Do you offer any air filtration/heating/pump systems for use with your printers?

  • We don't offer anything of the sort yet. We are always looking for additional items that could make our customer's lives easier with printing, but R&D takes time, and only once we're ready to say anything about it will we do so.

My touchscreen isn't turning on or appears completely white.

  • More than likely this deals with the connection between the touchscreen and the mainboard. Please check the connection of the white ribbon cable between both of these parts and inspect the cable for any damage.

Whenever I go to start a print, the build platform lowers into the vat, but ends up with a grinding noise and never starts.

  • More than likely, you have cured resin in your vat that you need to get out. If you are unable to find any cured resin, take the vat and platform off, and check to see if the grinding noise occurs during a dry print.

I hear some grinding noises from my build platform in the middle of the Z-Axis.

  • This is likely due to some resin getting on the threaded rod, or that your rod needs to be lubricated. Carefully inspect the threaded rod for any resin and if you can't find any, then try lubricating the rod with either lithium grease or clock oil. If nothing works, then please submit a ticket.

Do I need to use this printer in a special room or with special ventilation, or can I use it in my office while I am working?

  • We highly recommend the printer be used in a well-ventilated environment. Fumes may not be noticeable at first, but can be present after some time, and could cause potential harm.

Would modifying my printer void my warranty for it?

  • We support and encourage people to modify our machines to use other tools. Only modifications that will void a warranty are purposeful changes to the body or components that are unable to be repaired in our office e.g. cutting/drilling holes in the body of the machine.

Can you use other USBs or do you have to use the one provided?

  • You can use other USBs, however they must be USB 2.0 compatible and be 16GB or less

What type of 3D Printer is this?

  • There are two names for these printers. They are MSLA or LCD. Both refer to the same types of printers, which is what we sell.






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