Common LCD Questions

Published on: 16-Feb 01:18pm

Bill Dai

Published on - 16-Feb 01:18pm

There are bubbles on my screen, or my screen is scratched up from shipping.

  • It’s just a thin clear plastic film. The same kind you see when you get electronics and there's a simple film to protect the screen or shiny plastics from scratches. You can peel it off by lifting up a corner of the black tape and pushing down on the protector to release it from the tape. Then you can slowly peel it off in a clockwise motion to remove it from the screen without damaging the black tape. If the black tape wrinkles a bit, you can press down on that to even it out

Resin leaked/spilled onto my screen. Is my screen dead? How do I clean it?

  • If your screen doesn’t pass the exposure test, then it has likely died. You can also check if resin leaked onto the pcb or ribbon cable of the screen. There are two ways to clean the screen. For many people with new screens/printers, the screen will have the thin film protector on it. This acts as a 1 time safeguard against resin spills. See above for how to remove it. If on the screen itself, you can soak a cotton ball or soft tissue in ipa and lay it on the resin spill for 30 minutes, and then the cured resin can be easily peeled off.

What is the typical lifespan of the LCD screen?

  • Color LCD screens can last, on average, 200-300 hours. More if you are lucky, less if you aren't. It's hard to give an exact number on the lifespan since many variables play a part in this.
    Mono LCD screens can last, on average, about 2000 hours. This is a bit more definite, and for many people this is about a year's worth of usage.


Why is the image on my LCD screen distorted?

  • First step is to make sure to check all connections the screen makes to the mainboard as a loose connection or damaged cable can be the root cause. If everything looks good, try flashing the latest firmware for the machine. If that doesn't work, then its likely the screen has been physically damaged causing this.

Why are there holes in my print?

  • For many people this is first sign of dead pixels on the screen. Dead pixels no longer light up to transmit UV light from the LED, and are always "off". The main cause is because the crystals have started to burn out from the UV exposure. This could also be caused by cured bits of resin on the screen as well so make sure to check for those.



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