Questions/Issues Specific to X1/E6 series

Published on: 16-Feb 05:27pm

Bill Dai

Published on - 16-Feb 05:27pm

How do I convert the X1 to the X1K?

  • The parts required depends on the printer you have. The main components involved in the conversion are the X1-N mainboard, the Parallel Light Matrix, and the X1K conversion kit. For more information on the upgrade paths, please take a look at the product page for the conversion kit.

Can I convert the E6 to the X1-4K?

  • As of right now, no. The 4K 5.5" screen requires an additional HDMI board to function, and unfortunately the E6's body is too small to accommodate this. In the future the HDMI board may be integrated into the mainboard so this won't be an issue, but we aren't sure of that timeline.

How can I tell if I have an X1-Classic, or X1-N mainboard and what's the difference?

  • Check your system-->info page. If you are running firmware version or lower, it's the X1-Classic, and V4.3.4 or higher is the X1-N. The X1-Classic mainboard uses the SX03 interface for screen connection. On the X1-N mainboard this was changed to the SX04 interface. These interfaces are not interchangeable!



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